Can I share Screenshots of my Commissions on Facebook and Social Media?

Join Page Questions MDC COMPLIANCE Can I share Screenshots of my Commissions on Facebook and Social Media?

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    Chris Record

    You may have seen some affiliates sharing screenshots of their My Daily Choice commissions on social media.

    They do this to inspire their followers to see the power of this Compensation Plan.

    However, this is something you want to be VERY careful about.

    Ideally, you want to avoid making ANY income claims or even claims about the products themselves.

    That’s the SAFEST way to ensure that you don’t run into any problems.

    We never want to “entice” people to join by luring them in with any false expectations.

    And as My Daily Choice continues to grow, they will be in the spotlight more and more, and there may be a day in the near future where they make a statement that we CANNOT ever post or share our commissions publicly.

    Until then, here is what you MUST do to stay compliant.

    Every post you make that has any type of income claim at all, whether it’s your own, or it’s another affiliate in the company that you are sharing results from, you MUST include written text in the post that includes the official INCOME DISCLAIMER as well as a link to the AVERAGE MDC EARNINGS (the income disclosure statement).

    We’ve outlined this in detail in our Compliance section, so we highly recommend reviewing that in detail before posting anything regarding incomes to social media.

    Click Here to Review the My Daily Choice Compliance Training.

    And we have recently created an AMAZING tool that automatically takes a screenshot of your income that is customized with a disclaimer added to it!

    If you want to see what this looks like, click the $ sign under your profile on the top right side of your account (pictured below)

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