Can we still access the old videos from the 90-Day CBD Challenge?

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    Chris Record

    Prior to merging with the Power Team and creating this epic marketing system that we are all using now, there was a lite version of this system called the CBD Challenge.

    Chris Record and Peter Sorensen created numerous videos that members got a lot of value from, but they have since become outdated.

    For example, the old system was for Executives only, it required a $200/mo autoship, and everyone was building ONE big power leg, not building 2 legs or balancing or anything like that.  There were many differences from the current system we have today.

    The current system is MUCH better, but people ask us all the time if the videos from the previous system are still available for members.

    Well, the answer is YES.  And we have embedded several of them below for you.

    But before watching them, make sure you read this:


    The videos below are OUTDATED.  Which means that they contain information and training which may no longer be relevant.  The reason we are still sharing them with you is because there is some valuable information in these videos as well.  Please disregard any specifics as to the CBD Challenge System and/or the Powerline team building system mentioned in these videos.

    These are here for historical purposes for members that want to watch them in their free time.  We hope you enjoy them!

    DAY 1

    DAY 2

    DAY 3

    DAY 4

    DAY 5

    DAY 6

    DAY 7

    DAY 8

    DAY 9

    DAY 10

    DAY 11

    DAY 12

    DAY 13

    DAY 14

    DAY 15

    DAY 16

    DAY 17

    DAY 18

    DAY 19

    DAY 20

    DAY 21

    DAY 22

    DAY 23

    DAY 24

    DAY 25

    DAY 26

    DAY 27

    DAY 28


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