How does the tracking work on the Statistics page for my affiliate links?

Join Page Questions POWER TEAM STATISTICS How does the tracking work on the Statistics page for my affiliate links?

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    Chris Record

    Here is a summarized version of how the statistics page works here on the Power Team site.

    When you first start out you will have no statistics on this page.  The stats only start showing up after you have at least 1 visit to a link from a prospect, not a signed in affiliate or existing member of our community.

    Once you get a click on one of your affiliate links, it will show up in the statistics page.  It will either show with a “default” source (if no source was used), or if you chose one of the sources when you created the link, it may show “facebook” or “instagram” or something similar as a source.

    When you receive multiple visitors to your links from multiple sources, they will all show up in the drop down menu when you click on that page, as follows:

    Statistics Page Example

    Then, after some time passes you may notice that some of your visitors become “Leads”.  This means that they have joined the Power Team System through your affiliate link and are connected directly to you!

    You can view who your leads are in the “Rosters” section of the team website.  They will show up as Pre-Enrollees.

    Every time someone signs up for our system through your link, they are also registered with My Daily Choice, so they will start receiving emails from MDC and emails from the Power Team giving them incentives to upgrade.  Generally speaking it’s a good rule of thumb to allow at least a full week to pass by before your leads will make an educated decision to upgrade as paid members.

    As soon as one of your leads upgrades into a paid affiliate position and connect to the paid members area of our website, our system will look to see what source they came from and you will see a “1” in that row under the “sales” column.

    So your goal is to get as many visitors as possible to click your links, and to focus on high-quality visitors that are likely to JOIN free, not just random sources of traffic that get a lot of clicks but no members.

    Generally speaking if you are converting at least 10% of your visitors into leads, and 10% of leads into visitors, then you have a scalable business.

    As you get better at marketing, it’s quite possible to convert as many as 50% of your visitors into leads, and 20% of your leads into sales, but just like any business, it will require time, training, practice, and patience!

    Don’t start worrying about your stats too much until you get your visitor count into the hundreds.  At that point, if you are barely converting your clicks into leads, then it’s time to change traffic sources, or change the overall strategy.  Because that’s a FREE call to action, so you should have at least 10 or more free members if you’ve driven over 100 visitors to your links.

    Here is a direct link to the Statistics page to view your current stats (remember none will show up until you get clicks on your affiliate link from prospects who are not signed into the Power Team site already).


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