How much money can I expect to make when I become a Rank 5K Affiliate?

Join Page Questions MDC COMPENSATION PLAN How much money can I expect to make when I become a Rank 5K Affiliate?

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    Chris Record

    All affiliates will build their business slightly different so there is no “exact” answer to this question.

    For example, if you personally enroll 20 Executives on the $599 Executive Pack, you would have 8,000BV and would be a new Rank 5K.  Plus you would get a $200 fast start bonus on each of them right off the bat, which is $4,000 and will front-load your weekly commissions much more than the average person.

    Or, in another example maybe you just enroll 2 people who do 2,500BV in each leg, which qualifies you at Rank 5K but you would make much less income since you’re just relying on overrides in that example.

    Basically, your commissions will vary widely based on how you choose to build.

    That being said, as of May 1st, 2019, the AVERAGE Rank 5K Affiliate in the company is earning $9,125.04 Per Year in commissions.

    That’s according to the Income Disclosure Statement released by the company.

    If you’re curious and want to see the averages for each rank, click the link below to see.

    And remember, your own personal commissions may be completely different than the company averages based on how you build. It’s our GOAL here with the Power Team to have each of our members doing MORE than the average, but there are no guarantees.

    Average Incomes at Each Rank in My Daily Choice.

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    Andrei Popa

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